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These Icons are done for rd.34 at tvcharacter20@livejournal

My choice for rd.34 is "Isaac Evans" (Magic City), aka Jeffrey Dean Morgan

It was surposed to be a *simple* 20in20 entry, but again things got out of hand. It`s because of the pretty images, of course. I`m weak, I`m human, at times I can`t help myself.

Isaac Evans (Magic City)

Icons (and more) can be found here:

anger beginning bottom emotion end
funny love purple secret tears

5 CATEGORY - Icon Skills
#1-coloring #2-creative crop #3-fake background #4-text #5-texture

#1 #2 #3 #4 #5

Theme beginning: the first scene of 1.2 "Feeding Frenzy"
Theme end: the last scene of 1.3 "Castles Made of Sand"
Theme coloring: no texture, (parts of) the background is smudged

At first I thought about using the first scene of 1.1 "The Year of the Fin" for "beginning". But then I decided I wanted to see/use this one animated only ;D

nekkid JDM ... YES SIR !!!


(btw, we got a full-frontal from Ben, but that`s been too much information *urgh*)

I`ve had some problems with "angry", because Isaac barely gets visibly angry.
He stares, and (death) glares, a lot, at times you can almost feel him boiling right beneath the surface, but that`s (awesome acting) not what I would concider visibly "angry"

This scene, also from "The Year of the Fin", is one of the few scenes where you can actually see him being angry. Or, really pissed in this case.

Sooo, I went with the 2nd best for "angry". That`s a typical, "don´t talk to me, if you do I rip your f****** head of", Isaac look.

(and yes, I know he killed that dude, which could qualify as "angry", in 1.5 "Suicide Blonde".
I mean, he killed someone, but there wasn´t that much anger, it all happened only because he was trying to protect the girl. And afterwards he was shell shocked about what he`s done.
But the scene is too dark to use anyway, at least for me it is.)

Last, but not least, some (random) pictures of TEH pretty
(jeez ...  photo melting.gif)

 photo Bild2_zps253c6c15.png


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