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This is a complete (animated) list of all headslaps in NCIS, season 4.

Animation size is 450x253

 photo Bannerheadslaps_zps3f5b02d6.png

Total Count: 13

Gibbs slaps Tony: 5 (one time with a cell phone, one time with a clipboard in his hand)

Gibbs slaps Tim: 1

Tony slaps Tim: 4 (one time Tim hits back right away, one time Tony slaps himself on his forehead, then slaps Tim)

Gibbs slaps Tony and Tim at the same time: 1

Abby slaps Tim: 1

Tim slaps self: 1

The episode with the most headslaps is 4.1 "Shalom" with three slaps, followed by 4.6 "Witch Hunt" and 4.11 "Driven" with two in each ep.

My favorite Headslap of the season is from 4.11 "Driven".
During the sexual harassment seminar, Tony asks if it`s okay to slap one on the back of the head, then slaps Tim to show what he means. Tim hits him back right away (I bet that hurt Tony, eh? *snickers*)
It`s not only the slapping that cracks me up, but also the giggles and laughter we can hear in the background during the scene.

And of course the Gibbs stare of doom Tony gets after, of course Tony then denies that this ( a slap) ever happened, tehe.

The most uncalled slap is from 4.1 "Shalom" when Gibbs hits Tony while holding his cellphone. I LOVE the way Tony talked to Gibbs in that scene. Gibbs tried to pretend nothing`s changed, being allowed to slap left and right included.
You can`t just walz in and demand Tony to behave like he did before you left. Tony`s changed. IMO, for the better.



Tony hands over gifts for the team. Tim gets a CD

Tim: "The very best of David Hasselhoff"
Tony: "You don`t like it?"
Tim: "I repeat: The very best of David Hasselhoff"
 photo 411450Shalom_zps8d7850ea.gif

fun fact: this scene is used in the opening title. But it`s an alternate version. In the episode we see Tim`s face when he`s being slapped, in the opening title Tony`s facing the camera.

Tony: "McGee, the BOLO we put out yesterday? Any hits? You completely forgot about that, didn`t you?"
Tim: "This one`s one me"
 photo 412450Shalom_zpscb640b91.gif

Tony: "This is my team now, Gibbs. My rules. And DiNozzo`s rule no.1: I don`t sit on the sidelines when my people are in trouble. You got a problem with that? Then let`s remember who`s got the badge and who`s the civilian"
Gibbs: " Are you done?"
Tony: "Yeah"
 photo 413450Shalom_zps7a0bbfd2.gif
Gibbs: "I was gonna say: Get McGee. I`ll meet you there."
Tony: "You know I could arrest you for striking a Federal Officer"
Gibbs: "I know that."


Tony: "We need to run our dead guy`s photo against mugshots"
Abby: "Give me ..."
 photo 461450WitchHunt_zpsb6d9dd54.gif
Tony: "... the camera, McGee"

Tony and Tim: *STARE*
 photo 462450WitchHunt_zpse6a73971.gif


Tim: "Boss, don`t try and talk me out of this"
 photo 491450TwistedSister_zps85c34c5c.gif
Gibbs: "Never let someone manipulate you like that again. Not even the Director"


 photo 4101450Smoked_zps64354e49.gif
Gibbs: "You snooze you lose, DiNozzo."


Tony: "What if you slap someone on the back of the head like this ..."
 photo 4111450Driven_zps6551c688.gif
Tony: "... would that be considered inappropriate behavior?"

Tim:" What about the video from this morning, when she died?"
Tony: "Oh yeah ... (slaps self) ... why didn`t I think of that"
 photo 4112450Driven_zps0617b0f1.gif
Tony: "... someone errased it"


 photo 4141450Blowback_zpsae517db6.gif
Abby: "I was just doing what Gibbs would do if he were here."


Tony: "Let`s see what we got in here."
Tim: "Bodyparts?"
Tony: "Gym Clothes"
 photo 4161450DeadManWalking_zpsec86817d.gif
(ADD: I`m not sure why Tony received the hit in this scene. Maybe Gibbs wanted to let him know he was there. Of course, my little shippy heart says Gibbs can`t help himself, and just HAS to touch Tony at times, even if he`s only making physical contact with a clipboard in hand *snickers*)


Tony: "An assisted suicide of a suicide bomber whose suicide was before his suicide bombing. It's like how much wood can a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck..."
 photo 4191450GracePeriod_zps5550e4ca.gif


Tony: "Abby┬┤s processing evidence from his office. She nearly bit my head off when I poked it into her lab to check on her"
Tim: "Quit drinking caffeine"
Ziva: "Abby?"
Tony: "Abby Scuito?"
 photo 4221450InTheDark_zps4b3777f6.gif
Tony:" Yes, Boss."

(ADD: Once again, I`m not sure why Tony got hit. IMO, they all deserved a *focus, damn it* slap. But then, Gibbs can only slap two of them at the same time. Maybe two slaps and a kick next time when all three deserve a wake-up/or focus slap?)

CUE SHIPPY HEART: it was just time for another physical contact, simple as that ;D

prt.2 includes sidebar animations for all scenes, size 250x141 & 160x90, can be found here: @OverTheHills


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