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This entry is done for selenic76`s February Fandom Fest@livejournal

I choose to celebrate one of my all time favorite characters, our very own

NCIS Very Special Agent

Beware, the entry got waaaaay out of hand. I tried to keep it short, but failed.

I`m pretty sure this is the longest mixed media entry I have ever done.

If you know me and what I do, you know I tend to go way beyond the finish line on any given day, so me saying this entry is HUGE means it`s HUGE!

And no, I`m not sorry about it.

It includes graphics, videos, and a lot of rambling from yours truely

One more thing: If you are going to tell me what an awful guy Tony is, that you can`t stand him and prefer him to get lost you better stop reading now and leave.

This entry is my take on the character, my POV

Like said, Tony is one of my all time favorite characters, all his flaws included, because everything, the good and the bad, is what makes Tony, Tony.

we barely get to see the *real* Tony. When he shows up, it usually ends with something awesome. Some of those moments I`ve included.

I love him, he`s adorable.

He is, or can be:

- irritating
- annoying
- nosy
- silly
- childish
- funny
- witty
- smart
- selfless
- loyal
- caring
- charming
- attentive
- supportive
- inappropriate
- self-destructive
- deflective
- serious
- angry

aso aso aso

Usually, when asked why I love the character as much as I do, I just point towards this quote by Michael Weatherly

Show: In the early days & seasons a lot of Tony`s backstory`s been established by Donald P.Bellisario, that`s usually what I keep in mind when I see him acting&reacting the way he does. A lot of the backstory has been changed, or downplayed during the Shane Brennan years, some (myself included) call it "Reign of Terror". And what`s left of it has been, Hallmark like, whitewashed by Gary Glassberg.

Tony has been, or has:

- shot at
- shot
- beaten
- used
- abused
- blown up
- tortured
- drugged
- betrayed
- kidnapped
- broken several bones
- thrown out of a car and an airplane
- framed for and accused of, murder, twice.

has he been stabed also? hmmmm ...

he had several concussions, by now his brain should be a marshmallow


The being framed for murder lead to one of the best scenes (and episodes) in all of NCIS. It`s also a very telling scene for the character.

"Frame-Up": Tony cross-exams himself


Tony has been:

- neglected
- disowned when he was 12 (and here I am, thinking about a reason, about what child could have done to be disowned at that age, or at all)
- left alone in a foreign country
- beaten (two of those cases he talked about)
- send to var.boarding schools
- humiliated
- bullied

aso aso aso

when he was a child and as a teen, before he joined the police. Not that it got any better after he did, nope.

- His mother died when he was a child, his father never really cared for him. And I think the rest of the family didn`t give a damn also.

- As a child he never learned what it`s like to have a family that cared, he never learned how to interact in a normal way. IMO that`s the reason for some of his more inappropriate actions as an adult. He just doesn`t know it better.

- The lines: "DiNozzo`s don`t cry" and "DiNozzo`s don`t faint" have been ingrained in his soul. I`m pretty sure Sr.is responsible for this s***.

- He loves to talk, nonstop at times, but doesn`t actually say much. He has taken the "keep everything private&personal a secret" to a whole new level. Gibbs calls it "yabbayabba", Tony`s "yabbayabba" usually ends with him, getting an idea for how to solve the case.

- He is what could be called a "good old fashioned" Police Officer with a strong sense of, and for, justice, he has street-smarts. He owns his mistakes, doesn`t try to blame someone else, especially not those under his command. He`s using the *I`m an idot* card to make suspects talk. Most of the time they fall for the act, easy prey.

- Gibbs once said that Tony is hiding behind the face of a clown, but not many are able to, or want to, see past the clown. Not even his so called friends.

- Only three people have ever been able to look straight through the brick wall of masks: Gibbs, Ducky and Dr.Kate`s Sister.

Although I`d say Ducky doesn`t really get him all the time since he compared Tony with a narcissist once *urgh*

everybody else can`t deal with a serious, no-nonsense, Tony. They always assume something hinky is going on and complain. But they also complain when he`s playing the clow. For years he`s been stuck in a no win situation.


"Secrets": Tony`s ex Wendy showed up, she`s the one who dumped him right before the wedding. Ducky and Tony talk about Wendy, and Tony.

"A Man Walks Into A Bar": Tony and Dr.Kate`s Sister talk.

after watching the episode, and this scene, I asked myself if Rachel knew Tony had her sister`s blood&brain all over him when Kate got shot.


- He can´t help himself but pull the self-blame card each time something goes wrong.

- He usually takes all the shit thrown at him without loosing his temper. He barely delivers a low blow, but takes them on a regular base. He`s really good at hidding when he received a hit that hurt. He`s the master of deflection.

- He is surposed to be a serial dater, especially in the early years. But the Tony that`s hidding underneath the act is eveything but shallow. And like mentioned already, he talks a lot.

- He lives the motto "work smarter, not harder" and does a lot of nightshifts on his own, catching up with paperwork and casefiles. This makes me ask myself just how many of his *surposed* date nights he actually spent at the Navy Yard, working.

- He`s always trying to protect his team and friends, not matter the cost for himself, his own well-being

- He is a great teacher and friend.

- He`s the one I`d love to have by my side when the shit hits the fan.

- I do NOT want him as an enemy. Serious Tony with a mission is scary, and deadly.

I`m not going to talk about Senior. I hate him. You think John Winchester is an awful dad? I`d take John over Sr. anytime.

Overall I`m sure a psychologist would have a field day with Tony. IF said psychologist is able to make him talk about himself at all that is *snort*


These are a few more scene where we`re able to enjoy the *real* Tony:

- Tony is Dolores` Secret Santa. Dolores is from HR, and Tony`s terrified of that woman (but he`s not the only one). McGee, being McGee, blows his *cover* and tells Dolores that Tony is her Secret Santa.

(listen to the song playing in the background, it fits *lol*)

- Tony tends to have a *funny* reaction to painkillers. Funny for us, I`m sure he thinks it`s embarrassing

ADD: if you find the continuation error in this scene and tell me you`ll get a NCIS animation for free :D

- Tony`s a prankster. I`m sure we all can agree on his favorite prank. Do the words McGee & superglue ring a bell?

(for those who do not watch the show: Tony`s prefered way to prank McGee, especially when he needs cheering up, is to put superglue on McGee`s keyboard)

This is his ultimate christmas prank (he had help setting it up)

some more pastime favorites:

- eating

- playing with food

Gibbs`reaction to the foodfight is priceless:

"Anymore foodfights in here, I`m going to join, with peas"

"Frozen peas?"

"nope, in the can"

- throwing paperballs

he`s really good at throwing paperballs

even with a sprained ankle

- running

- sleeping



awww, even his hair is cute after waking up

I LOVE the short moment when he looks directly into the camera *happy sigh*


More Tony L.O.V.E

- Tony has no problem with loosing his clothing

ohhh yeah, Tony has no problems with getting nekkid

And it doesn`t hurt that Michael has no problem with it also


- The TOLSTER ... my OTP ... the last picture is TOLSTER heaven, Tolster and sunglasses *faints*


Tony`s really, as in REALLY, good at undercover work. I`m on of those who think he`s that good at it because he`s been undercover most of this life, trying to hide his true self from others.


He`s been undercover for 1 year *ish* on top of working full time for the MCRT. And no one knew until his cover was blown. Did I mention already that he is REALLY good at undercover work? YES!

During that time he made mistake numero 1 when undercover, he fell in love with his *mark*.

The relationship was set up to fail. But IMO, if his cover would not have been blown the way it did, he might have tried to make the relationship work with coming clean.

- And then of course, there`s THE undercover episode of all undercover episodes

- "CHAINED" ... *purrs*

- "CALL OF SILENCE" one of the best episodes ever, fact!

Tony`s been sent to spend time with Ernie Yost. He even stayed overnight. Tony is treating Ernie Yost with respect, he enjoys talking to him, he`s listening to what Ernie has to say. This is one of those episodes where you can clearly see who Tony really is.

- "MEAT PUZZLE" aka Tony is chasing the dogs *lol*

Tony is sent to spent time with Mrs. Mallard, Ducky`s Mom. He is her protection detail. At the end he is not only that, he is her "Italian Gigolo Furniture Mover" and dogwhisperer ... *rofl*

another of those "this is Tony" episodes.

- "SWAK" aka SICK!TONY GALORE ... *sings: heaven, I`m in heaven*

Tony is infected with the pneumonic plague, he got really sick, he almost died.

Sick!Tony ... awwwww

years later Ducky mentioned that Tony has scarring on his lungs because of his run-in with the plague.

(keep that in mind!)

Fun Fact:

On NCIS:NOLA Tony was refered to as the "Plague Whisperer". Apparently he became an expert and the go to guy for everything plague.

I like to think it`s because Tony was embarrassed with himself after the events onboard the "Chimera", about his freak out and near panic attack.




Tony: I'm dying, McGee.
McGee: You know, the last time you were dying of a horrible disease, you were a little bit more stoic about the whole thing.
Tony: I was younger then. Carefree.
McGee: It was two years ago.
Tony: Last time I almost died, someone blew up my car! So I've almost died twice and this is the third time. Bad stuff happen in threes and I'm out of 'almosts'! I'm telling you man, this time I'm dying. I know it!
McGee: Okay, but, until you are actually dead, can you please help me fix this thing?!


And that`s why he decided to put an end to his plague fear by becoming a "plague expert"


the entiere episode is stuffed with hurt, in pain and wobbly Tony *happy sigh*

Twilight aired right after SWAK. Tony returned to work early, he was bored, only him *lol*

Later that day Tony saved Tim & Kate`s ass when he took over the bomb trigger from Tim, only to have his ass almost blown up himself.

That`s one of those events where he pulled the Senior Agent card. He put himself in danger to save the other Agents.

He must have know he might not get away in time, but he took over from McGee anyway.

This earned him a trip to the morgue to be checked out by Ducky. As always Tony claimed to be fine but almost collapsed anyway, tehe

He then went for a forced rest down into Abby`s Lab. He tried to rest in the bullpen but McGee and Kate didn`t let him be.

I`m sure those two knuckleheads didn`t even realized that they`d be dead, blown into pieces, if it wasn´t for Tony.

- "REQUIEM" aka THE most awesome scene in the history of awesome

long story short: Gibbs went all lone wolf again and managed to drive his car into the river. He wasn`t alone.

cue Tony to the rescue. He killed the bad guys then jumped into the river to save Gibbs and Maddie. He pulled both out, one after the other, then performed CPR on both, thus saving their lifes.

Remember I told you to keep in mind that Tony has scarring on his lungs because of his run-in with the plague?

yeah, now you do the math.

Him, jumping into the cold river, twice, plus his lung problems, plus the amount of time he spent dripping wet after, that`s a recipe for a disaster when it comes to his health. Yet he didn`t hesitate before he made the dive.


Making Of: THE scene of Requiem

random add: hilarious Michael

he`s such a troll, wahahaha

- BLOODY *happy sigh*

"When bodies of two hired assassins are delivered to the NCIS team, Ziva and Tony go undercover assuming the victim's identities in order to find the person who hired the assassins for their mission."

Of course they get nabbed

Tony comes up with an escape plan:

Tony: l might have a plan.
Ziva: What? The Raniers obviously stole something they want.
Tony: You're gonna give it to them.
Ziva: We don't have it.
Tony: You're gonna tell them it's in our hotel room.
The only way they'll find it is if you show them.
McGee should be waiting for us in there.
Ziva: Good plan, except for one minor drawback.
Tony: What?
Ziva: When l leave, they'll most likely put a bullet through your head.
Tony: Oh, well, l didn't say it was a perfect plan.

he was beaten, repeatedly, but at the end he made sure Ziva was save. Then he saved himself by attacking and beating up the guy who was surposed to kill him.

- DRUGGED ... The Wildacrd

This happend during the rescue mission for Ziva. It is one of Tony`s *brilliant* plans. Tony set himself up for torture, he was beaten and pumped full of drugs, at the end the plan played out as it was surposed to. Everyone went back home, alive.

I`d like to know how long it took for the drugs to leave his system


Tony is drugged at a bar, kidnapped, and throw into a *cell* like underground room along with a missing marine.

he then *Macgyvers* his way out of the room, steps infront of a loaded gun to keep the marine from being shot and disarms the shooter ... hurra

In this episode Tony said: "my father was right, I`m going to end up in the gutter"

what kind of parent says stuff like that to their own child? oh yeah, I hate Sr.


- "CADENCE" ... one of the recent scenes where you can clearly see how serious Tony can be when confronted with something that`s not easy to deal with.

The case takes Tony and Bishop back to RMA (Remington Military Academy), one of the prep schools Tony went to as a teen.

In this scene he interviews his old RMA *mentor*

at the end of the episode Tony says: "I have a tricky relationship with the past. I either bury it or fixate on it. Still working out the kinks."

Did I already mention that I really, really, love & heart & adore Tony?


And with this the neverending entry comes to an end, almost.

If you read this line, congratulations, and thank you. I hope it wasn`t a complete waste of your time.

Last but not least, a new video I`ve done. This is my first Tony centric NCIS video, and since it fits the theme of the entry, I`m going to add it.

Program Used: Corel Videostudio ProX3

Title: Sacrifice
Lenght: 2.50 min.
File: 21+ MB WMV
Music: "Sacrifice" by Theory Of A Deadman

Character: Tony DiNozzo
Category: character, drama, action

LINK: Kahesha`s_Vids@Dreamwidth


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