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This is my entry for the NCIS ReverseBang 2015

Title: There’ll Be No Sacrifice Today
Author: penumbria
Artist: kj_svala
Pairing: none
Ratings: G
Length: 5,873 words

Summary: While Gibbs is away in Mexico, things start going wrong for Tony. Until he finds a mysterious card on his desk with a cryptic message. It leads him down a road where he decides he won't be a sacrifice for anyone.

Spoilers: Seasons 1, 2, 3, and various mentions on things found out in seasons 4 and 5.

Warnings: none


This is the graphic I`ve sent for the NCIS_RBB 2015

I used a video of mine as inspiration for the graphic

These are some additional graphics, based on the story and on the video.

Last, this is the video that inspiered my 1st RBB graphic. It was posted in March


I want to say THANK YOU to penumbria_fics !!!

For being as patient as she´s been. But most of all for writing such an awesome story!

I really like what she`s writen. It`s amazing to see what can be done with one single graphic as inspiration.

Thank you!


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