Sep. 25th, 2015

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This my very own, personal, Svala style, re-cap of NCIS 13.1 "Stop The Bleeding"

And with "personal" I mean it`ll be heavily focused on Tony (and Gibbs) and NOT meant to be an official re-cap of the ep, there are more than enough of those around.

for example:

- Douglas Wolfe Click Click

- NCIS Round Table Click Click

These are my favorite NCIS reviews, each week, each season *love*

I simply pick scenes and moments I like, or didn`t like, add some random rambling = done

This is a 2 part entry because it grew into a monster *eek*

New S.13 Credits

 photo Ani1_credits1_zps4lhketrt.gif

 photo Ani10_credits10complete_zpsfyxk0ntp.gif

I can`t believe they`ve added the awfull "The Artfull Dodger" *blue steel* Tim pulled to the credits

 photo shocked-eyes-smiley-emoticon_zps3sxzkn0g.gif

I very much prefer this version of blue steel, thank you

 photo tumblr_m8dtq11CLg1qf3myqo1_500_zpssiwr2ibo.gif
(Dean animation done by an unknown user at tumblr)

and while on it, why do Pauley & Sean get one more scene in the credits then all the others?

But now, enough with the credits talk

SEASON 13 !!!! yeah baby

 photo funny-animation-23_zpsyiimml6q.gif


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