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For the AE 4 convention baby lemming no.2 and I made some pictures for the autograph session. But only for Misha Collins and Ty Olsson.

Pictures means, we made a drawing, I took a picture of the drawing, and re-worked the colors aso with the computer. Then I took the graphics to a Photo Store, to get them printed as a poster.

This is the picture baby lemming no.2 did for Misha (I added the wings with the computer after she was done with the drawing)

 photo AE4_Auto_Castiel_2_zps1d03c1cc.png

And this is a picture of the poster after Misha signed it
 photo Misha_2_Auto_resized2_zpsf37db5ee.jpg

Two more (the 2 poster I did) can be found here

This picture I`ve done sometime ago already, but I never posted it outside of my happy place. For the AE4 convention I re-worked the original, meaning: I added the text with the computer instead of the handwritten text it had before.

 photo AE4_Auto_Castiel_1_zpscaef2fb1.png

 photo Misha_auto_resized_zps3ca0c006.jpg

And this is a new drawing I did after I got the tickets for AE4. It`s for Ty Olsson, Benny

 photo AE4_Auto_Benny_1_zps78699229.png

 photo Ty_Auto_resized_zpsf2d21f60.jpg

Before he signed it, Ty took a picture of the poster with his cellphone.
During the Q&A someone asked a Twilight question, he showed the pic on his cellphone, baby lemming no.2 yelled: "we have the original", as a result I ended up infront of the stage, showing my poster to the audience.
I held it infront of me, and up, but still I was able to see a LOT of people that took a picture *is embarrassed ... blush*

Overall I have to say: these picture have been good for a lot of fun at AE4 :D

Date: 2013-06-11 10:56 pm (UTC)
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Those are awesome!!.. & I love Ty as Benny.. I hope he'll come back


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