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This entry is done for selenic76`s February Fandom Fest@livejournal

Last year I`ve done a love letter for Tony DiNozzo, this year I`m gonna post some animations for the actor who plays Tony DiNozzo, Michael Weatherly.

(my 2015 entry for Tony can be found here: CLICK CLICK )

The anis are from the Solar Drive Demo Reel, size is 250x141. The quality of the vid wasn`t the best, that`s why I`ve keep the anis small.

I adore Michael as an actor and a person. He is, IMO, one of the best tv actor around these days.
I`m sad to see him leave NCIS at the end of the current season, but I`m sure he`ll have a bright future. I followed him from Dark Angel to NCIS, and I`ll follow him wherever he goes next.

Anyway, onto the pretty stuff :D

(I`m having photobucket problems today, I hope the anis will do what they are surposed to do *glares at PB*)

and just because, this is a recent picture he`s tweeted from the set of NCIS.


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