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Misc. Icons&Animations

This is my first entry in 2017. Since my last entry my interest has (kind of) shifted, but I try to focus some more, and again, on my fandoms in 2017

These are misc. icons and animations. Some of it I`ve done for 20in20 but never finished, some I`ve posted before using a different tag, some are new

Almost Human


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Animations: Bull 1.2 "The Woman In 8D" NYC

These are animations for Bull, episode 1.2 "The Woman In 8D"
I gathered all the shots of NYC they used in the episode.

Before the show went on air I asked myself if they are going to use images of the city (like White Collar), they did :D

The scenes are in order as they appear in the episode

 photo 1.2_City_1_zpsxabiwzxa.gif

More can be found here


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NCIS: Tibbs

These are animations for Tony&Gibbs, aka Tibbs, aka what was lost *sadface*

This is a season 4 scene *love*

 photo Ani1_4.17_500_zps1flpxk4j.gif

 photo Ani2_4.17_500_zpsgtqvqbzj.gif


 photo Ani3_4.17_500_zpssybtqqm7.gif

but it gets better

... wait for it ...

 photo Ani4_4.17_500_zpse0m55zvc.gif

... BOOM ...

...  photo drool_zpsnwp4ew0a.gif ...

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SPN_J2_BigBang 2016: "Boy King Of A Lot Of Things"

This is my art entry for the 2016 SPN_J2_BigBang

The story I choose is "Boy King Of A Lot Of Things" by dridri93


AU after 11x16.

Dean goes to the Empty, but is resurrected by Amara to become her Consort, the greater part of his soul locked away in his own body. Meanwhile, Sam lives and learns from Crowley that he’s been the immortal Boy King of Hell since he was “endorsed” by Lucifer’s knife five years ago (Earth time). He goes on a quest to separate Dean from Amara’s influence, growing into his still-increasing powers as he goes. It all ends with the battle, God vs. the Darkness, Order vs. Chaos, and Sam and Dean are right in the thick of it, along with Castiel, alone in his vessel after Sam evicted Lucifer with his powers, and Lucifer, in a different vessel, trying to make his Father proud by fighting with him.

Warnings: Language, canon-typical blood & gore, nonexplicit non-con (Dean/Amara relationship w/ all the issues it has)

LINK:coming soon

Banner 500x219

 photo Banner_500x219_zpsdaued0ns.gif

Animated Banner 500x500

 photo Ani1_Banner_500x500_zpszjpnn0m6.gif


 photo takeawalk 24_zpsvotpxsex.png  photo 8_zpsj7zefa3m.jpg  photo takeawalk 24b.w_zpsff4dfbjv.png

Video Trailer: Immediate Music "With Great Power"


THANK YOU goes to dridri93, for writing such a great story. It`s really inspiering! I love it!

random add: this is my first SPN_J2_BigBang since 2011 (I`ve played with NCIS) I`m glad I`ve signed up again, I`ve missed the SPN BigBang fun :D

random add prt.2: for more then one year I was without a computer. I got my new machine just in time for the BigBang, that`s why I was able to add a video trailer *I`ve missed vidding*

The entry is also posted to

- Livejournal: CLICK CLICK

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NCIS ReverseBang 2016: Memories

This is my entry for the 2016 NCIS ReverseBang.

I have to post it early because I`m away from home on my assigned posting day (which is May 14th)I`ll be back on May 17th

This is the wallpaper I`ve done for the art preview/claim

*right click on image, open, for full size*

This is the story banner (based on the wallpaper)

Title: Memories
Author: Jilly James
Fandom: NCIS

Pairing(s): Anthony DiNozzo/Jethro Gibbs
Content Rating: NC-17/Explicit for language, warnings, and sexual situations (Rating may change to PG-13)

Warnings: Threat of torture, character bashing (depending upon your interpretation of the character)
Spoilers: Up through season 4 of NCIS and some mentions of information in seasons 5 and 7

Beta: Naelany

Author Note: Written for the NCIS Reverse Bang, and inspired by the art created by kj_svala. I’ve changed some biographical information for Tony and his schooling. Also, canon more or less says that Tony always lived in the same apartment for 12 years. I’m going with a different approach.
Author Note 2: This story and De Novo were conceived out of the same brainstorming session. Too many ideas for one story, and many ideas that were in complete conflict. But there are some similar themes.

Summary: Gibbs is asked to return to NCIS after Tony uncovers some disturbing things about his team, and Director Shepard.
Word Count: ~25k

STORY LINK: I`ll add the link as soon as I have internet access

This is an additional piece of art I`ve done after reading the story. I`ve used text messages sent between Gibbs and Tony.

I wish I would have been able to get a video trailer done for the story. But, no vidding computer kept me from doing one. Now I have a new computer, but I ran out of time.

I`d like to say THANK YOU! to Jilly James *sends flowers*

The story is made of awesome, it`s just what I love to read. The characters work really well, I wish I would go on forever :D

I never imagined a story like this when I did the original graphic *happy sigh*

*straight into my favorite folder it goes*

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Animations: Michael Weatherly Solar Drive Demo Reel

This entry is done for selenic76`s February Fandom Fest@livejournal

Last year I`ve done a love letter for Tony DiNozzo, this year I`m gonna post some animations for the actor who plays Tony DiNozzo, Michael Weatherly.

(my 2015 entry for Tony can be found here: CLICK CLICK )

The anis are from the Solar Drive Demo Reel, size is 250x141. The quality of the vid wasn`t the best, that`s why I`ve keep the anis small.

I adore Michael as an actor and a person. He is, IMO, one of the best tv actor around these days.
I`m sad to see him leave NCIS at the end of the current season, but I`m sure he`ll have a bright future. I followed him from Dark Angel to NCIS, and I`ll follow him wherever he goes next.

Anyway, onto the pretty stuff :D

(I`m having photobucket problems today, I hope the anis will do what they are surposed to do *glares at PB*)

and just because, this is a recent picture he`s tweeted from the set of NCIS.

cut because of picture size )


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Animations: Hawaii Five-O 6.13 “Umia Ka Hanu“

These are animations for H5-O 6.13 “Umia Ka Hanu“

Kono: He Bo and Luke’d that. Sweet.

Steve: Enjoy the view, look, beautiful green …

Danny: what view? I got the jetstream, there`s no view

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NCIS animation:Tibbs

These are a few NCIS animations from 1.22 "A Weak Link"

While thinking about some TIBBS scenes, I remembered this one. It is for sure one of my, if not the, favorite TIBBS moment of all moments :D

(I had the ani caps sitting in my *to do* folder since, forever, I finaly got around to put it all together)

*cue random bullpen case talk*

Gibbs is sitting on Tony`s desk

remember this !!!


*happy sigh*

and then

Gibbs stands up and walks back to his own desk

and Tony?

he`s doing this

sneaky Tony`s touching the spot Gibbs` been sitting at just moments before

*insert heart*

that`s subtext delivered with a 2x4 *lol*

It`s a short scene, only 26 frames, it took me a gazilion of rewatches of the ep to finaly see it. Since I saw it, I can`t make it unseen :D

No idea why Tony (Michael) did what he did, but who cares

random add: the scene also includes a blooper aka continuity error. In the overhead shot we can see Tony (Michael) touching his head, the next cut is a close up of Tony (Michael) and his hands are nowhere near his head, he`s also not slouching in his chair anymore.

details, details, who cares about details ... ME! ... *snort*

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20in20: Tony DiNozzo / NCIS

These icons are done for rd.74 at character20n20@Livejournal

I choose Tony DiNozzo / NCIS




The entry is also posted to OverTheHills@Livejournal

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NCIS re-cap: 13.1 "Stop The Bleeding" 2 / 2

This is part 2 / 2 of my (made for my own entertainment and not meant to be serious) recap for

 photo ANI_INTRO_prt.2_zpsmpczpxrr.gif

(prt.1 can be found here: @OverTheHills)


And I mean it! it`s huge! don`t say I didn`t warn you


Entry is also posted to livejournal: @OverTheHills

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NCIS re-cap: 13.1 "Stop The Bleeding" 1 / 2

This my very own, personal, Svala style, re-cap of NCIS 13.1 "Stop The Bleeding"

And with "personal" I mean it`ll be heavily focused on Tony (and Gibbs) and NOT meant to be an official re-cap of the ep, there are more than enough of those around.

for example:

- Douglas Wolfe Click Click

- NCIS Round Table Click Click

These are my favorite NCIS reviews, each week, each season *love*

I simply pick scenes and moments I like, or didn`t like, add some random rambling = done

This is a 2 part entry because it grew into a monster *eek*

New S.13 Credits

 photo Ani1_credits1_zps4lhketrt.gif

 photo Ani10_credits10complete_zpsfyxk0ntp.gif

I can`t believe they`ve added the awfull "The Artfull Dodger" *blue steel* Tim pulled to the credits

 photo shocked-eyes-smiley-emoticon_zps3sxzkn0g.gif

I very much prefer this version of blue steel, thank you

 photo tumblr_m8dtq11CLg1qf3myqo1_500_zpssiwr2ibo.gif
(Dean animation done by an unknown user at tumblr)

and while on it, why do Pauley & Sean get one more scene in the credits then all the others?

But now, enough with the credits talk

SEASON 13 !!!! yeah baby

 photo funny-animation-23_zpsyiimml6q.gif


Entry is also posted to livejournal: @OverTheHills

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NCIS: Tony&Gibbs banner & wallpaper

These are a few NCIS graphics, for (the awesome that is) Tony&Gibbs. I`ve done two wallpaper also, one of them is animated.

 photo T.G.Banner 500x600_zpsgstghux2.png

Two wallpaper of the banner image, size 1024x768, one animated, can be found here


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NCIS Reverse BigBang 2015 "Charlie Potatoes"

This is my entry for the NCIS ReverseBang 2015


Title: Charlie Potatoes

Rated: M

Pairing: Gibbs/DiNozzo

Tags: slash, first time, established relationship, m/m sex, pre-season 1, season 3, hurt/comfort, two POVs, handcuffs, on the run, fugitives

Spoilers: Season 3

Warnings: none

Chapters: 10

Words: 36,500

Story Takes Place: November, 2005 - Season 3: around 3x07 Honor Code

Flashback - takes place: November, 2003, just prior to Season 1

Synopsis: A case involving handcuffs brings back memories for Gibbs and DiNozzo, when they ended up being handcuffed and on the run together. "It was just the two of us behind enemy lines. Handcuffs were involved. Things got hairy for a while, but you know Gibbs. He took charge and I fell for him…hard. What can I say? He's Gibbs."



More graphics can be found here ... CLICK CLICK )

THANK YOU to rose_malmaison for writing such a great story. I couldn´t have asked for more, you`re awesome!

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NCIS Reverse BigBang 2015

This is my entry for the NCIS ReverseBang 2015

Title: There’ll Be No Sacrifice Today
Author: penumbria
Artist: kj_svala
Pairing: none
Ratings: G
Length: 5,873 words

Summary: While Gibbs is away in Mexico, things start going wrong for Tony. Until he finds a mysterious card on his desk with a cryptic message. It leads him down a road where he decides he won't be a sacrifice for anyone.

Spoilers: Seasons 1, 2, 3, and various mentions on things found out in seasons 4 and 5.

Warnings: none



I want to say THANK YOU to penumbria_fics !!!

For being as patient as she´s been. But most of all for writing such an awesome story!

I really like what she`s writen. It`s amazing to see what can be done with one single graphic as inspiration.

Thank you!

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NCIS Love Letter: Tony DiNozzo

This entry is done for selenic76`s February Fandom Fest@livejournal

I choose to celebrate one of my all time favorite characters, our very own

NCIS Very Special Agent

Beware, the entry got waaaaay out of hand. I tried to keep it short, but failed.

I`m pretty sure this is the longest mixed media entry I have ever done.

If you know me and what I do, you know I tend to go way beyond the finish line on any given day, so me saying this entry is HUGE means it`s HUGE!

And no, I`m not sorry about it.

It includes graphics, videos, and a lot of rambling from yours truely

One more thing: If you are going to tell me what an awful guy Tony is, that you can`t stand him and prefer him to get lost you better stop reading now and leave.

This entry is my take on the character, my POV


Last but not least, a new video I`ve done. This is my first Tony centric NCIS video, and since it fits the theme of the entry, I`m going to add it.

Program Used: Corel Videostudio ProX3

Title: Sacrifice
Lenght: 2.50 min.
File: 21+ MB WMV
Music: "Sacrifice" by Theory Of A Deadman

Character: Tony DiNozzo
Category: character, drama, action

LINK: Kahesha`s_Vids@Dreamwidth

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SPN Reverse_Bang 2014: Graphic & Story "To Suffer and be Strong"

This is my entry for the 2014 Supernatural Reverse_Bang.

Title: To Suffer and be Strong
Author: winchesterpooja

LINK: I`ll add the link as soon as I got it

Fandom/Genre: SPN, hurt/comfort, angst, case!fic, gen
Characters: Sam, Dean
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~21k

Warnings: swearing, violence, gore

Summary: A run-of-the-mill job turns out to be much more complicated when Sam and Dean find themselves in a fight that is more than just physical to them.

This is the graphic I`ve sent

This is the 1st time I`ve signed up for the SPN_Reverse_Bang, and I`m more than happy that winchesterpooja choose my graphic.

I take the chance to say THANK YOU! to winchesterpooja who wrote an awesome story based on the graphic. It`s amazing to see what she came up with. I`m a happy camper :D

I love each and every word of the story! I`m sure everyone who`s going to read it will love it as much as I do.

entry is also posted to

- Livejournal CLICK CLICK


Comm info: I`ve added a reversebang tag because I have two more RB`s coming up, for NCIS

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Animations H5-0: Steve McGarrett in action

This is my 1st entry at OverTheHills in 2015. And I continue doing what I did in 2014 already, and that is to spam the comm with H5-0 anis.

This is Steve McGarrett in action, season 3

Run ... Jump ... TACKLEHUG ... tehe

 photo Ani5_500_3.12_zpsgtrm9kj9.gif

episodes (in order)

- 3.4 Popilikia
- 3.9 Ha'awe Make Loa
- 3.10 Huaka'i Kula

- 3.12 Kapu

- 3.18 Na Ki’i
- 3.19 Hoa Pili
- 3.20 Olelo Pa'a

My personal favorite is 3.9 Ha'awe Make Loa

not only because of the action, the entiere scene is hilarious

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Entry tags:

My Year, 2014

This is my: it`s the end of the year, and this is what I`ve done in 2014, meme

I`m closing the year with less graphic entries then in 2013 *boo* but with more vids done *yaa*

my fandoms this year are (in order)


- NCIS (27 entries)
- Supernatural (12 entries)
- Hawaii Five-0 (4 entires)
- Der Letzte Bulle (2 entries)
- Charlie Valentine (1 entry)
- The Courier (1 entry)


- NCIS (2 videos)
- Supernatural (1 video)
- Longmire (1 video)
- Defiance (1 video)
- Hawaii Five-0 (1 video)

I`ve done 3 BigBangs, two for NCIS and one for Supernatural.

Hawaii Five-o: This year is the first year since 2011 that I`ve done something for H5-0. I`ve put the show back on my fandom list, and I`m going to dive deeper into the show next year.

NCIS: This year is the first year I`ve participated in some NCIS comm activities. Like the Apprechiation month at NCIS_Discuss, or the Tibbs_Yuletide. Although I do a lot of NCIS stuff, for a long time already, I never could make myself to sign up. This I`ve changed, and I plan to do so again next year.

I really need to be more confident & outgoing, instead of insecure and withdrawn, when it comes with spreading my stuff.

Overall I can say: I had a lot of fun making graphics and vids. Main reason is, I`m able to enjoy my shows much more than I used to (for several reasons). NCIS managed to pick up the good vibe again, with a few set-backs here and there, but this I learned to live with, and H5-0 is made of win :D

I guess it`s save to say these two shows will be my main focus next year.

But for now I`m going to pull the focus back to 2014. If you like to know hat I`ve done in 2014, feel free to continue.


My end of the year vidding meme can be found here: @Kahesha`s_Vids ... CLICK CLICK

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NCIS tibbs_yuletide: Day8

This entry is done for tibbs_yuletide@livejournal

These are banner and wallpaper, done for a story by cackymn_lj.

I`ve used the same graphic for all, some are with the title of the story, some are without.

 photo Banner_zpsafcc3181.png

Size is 500x600 & 1024x768