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This is my *this is my year, 2013* end of the year list.

It is also the last entry at [community profile] over_thehills for 2013.

The list includes entries for the following fandoms (the list is sorted by numbers of entries)


- Supernatural: 20

- NCIS: 9

- Defiance: 4
- Stargate SG-1: 4

- Falling Skies: 3
- Boston Legal: 3

- Justified: 2
- Der Letzte Bulle: 2
- The Glades: 2
- Magic City: 2
- Almost Human: 2

- The Avengers: 1
- The Vampire Diaries: 1
- Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters: 1
- Borealis: 1
- Act Of Valor: 1
- Star Wars: 1
- Dark Angel: 1
- Longmire: 1
- TSCC: 1

- Tutorial: 4
- Convention: 3
- Videos: 3

each post is linked to the original entry, and includes a preview

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Overall I`ve done less than last year, each year the number of entries goes down. One reason is: I spend less time infront of the computer. By now I`ve reached a point at which I can do more, in less time. That`s because I`m playing with graphics and vids for such a long time, I don`t have to spent ages anymore trying to get stuff done *ya me*

But hey, I can live with the fact that the number goes down ;D

Let`s talk vidding:

Each year I`ve done a vidding meme, but this year I`m not gonna get one done. That`s because I managed to get only 3 vids done in 2013. T.H.R.E.E. vids, that`s soooo bad *no ya me*.

Instead of actual vidding I`ve spend a lot of time logging my vid clips, I hope that`s gonna pay of at one point. I have three vids lined up so far, let`s hope those are not going to be the only vids in 2014.

One not so funny fact: 2013 is the first year, since 2007, that I haven`t done a Supernatural video *booooo*

What can I say beside: seems canon killed the SPN vid bunny

I have one SPN vid almost done, I wanted to get it done before christmas. Then I got sick (I`m better now, not at 100%, but better at least), and decided instead of rushing to get it done in 2013, I`m gonna finish and post it in 2014

But of course, me being me, managed to bag a nasty computer bug. Right now I`m getting ready to wipe my main drive.

I really hope I`m able to get the machine up and running again, soon. Because I have 2 Festivds to finish (and post until Jan 12th 2014).

That`s not funny, nope.

Another not so funny fact is: once again my mediafire account has been deleted. I didn`t upload any of the lost vids so far, and for now I don`t have plans to do so.

uhm, I guess this is it? yes!

Last: THANK YOU!!! to everyone who`s watching the comm, to everyone who took the time to look at what I`ve done, to everyone who left a comment.

I love to do graphics& videos, to find out you´re able to enjoy what I come up with, this means a lot.



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