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As you might have been able to figure out (if you`ve been reading entries at my home base), I have a new obsession.


This show, has swallowed me whole, completely. I`m currently cutting season 1 for videos (I´m up to episode 1.5, cutting and loggin), I capped all of season 1 already for graphics (and signed up for a 20in20 for Nolan also already ;D)

So this entry, is something that just had to happen, sooner or later.

Animations, Defiance, 1.1 Pilot.

The bar fight that Nolan and Irisa got themselfs into. Or, the fight Nolan got them into ;D
Btw, this particular scene? still cracks me up, for many reasons.

 photo BANNER1_zpse0c23b0c.png

 photo AniNolan_Banner_zps581698af.gif
 photo Banner2_zps00d7a95e.gif
 photo Banner1_zpsa844e032.gif
 photo Banner4_zps0238a4a2.gif
 photo Banner5_zps53b041d8.gif
 photo Banner8_zpsf9b0d365.gif
 photo Banner7_zpsbf4c637b.gif

I`m pretty sure I`m posting these for myself only. But I just have to, even if only for myself to look at on a regular base :D

(and show has been confirmed for season 2 = yaaaaa, bring it!)


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