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This is my: it`s the end of the year, and this is what I`ve done in 2014, meme

I`m closing the year with less graphic entries then in 2013 *boo* but with more vids done *yaa*

my fandoms this year are (in order)


- NCIS (27 entries)
- Supernatural (12 entries)
- Hawaii Five-0 (4 entires)
- Der Letzte Bulle (2 entries)
- Charlie Valentine (1 entry)
- The Courier (1 entry)


- NCIS (2 videos)
- Supernatural (1 video)
- Longmire (1 video)
- Defiance (1 video)
- Hawaii Five-0 (1 video)

I`ve done 3 BigBangs, two for NCIS and one for Supernatural.

Hawaii Five-o: This year is the first year since 2011 that I`ve done something for H5-0. I`ve put the show back on my fandom list, and I`m going to dive deeper into the show next year.

NCIS: This year is the first year I`ve participated in some NCIS comm activities. Like the Apprechiation month at NCIS_Discuss, or the Tibbs_Yuletide. Although I do a lot of NCIS stuff, for a long time already, I never could make myself to sign up. This I`ve changed, and I plan to do so again next year.

I really need to be more confident & outgoing, instead of insecure and withdrawn, when it comes with spreading my stuff.

Overall I can say: I had a lot of fun making graphics and vids. Main reason is, I`m able to enjoy my shows much more than I used to (for several reasons). NCIS managed to pick up the good vibe again, with a few set-backs here and there, but this I learned to live with, and H5-0 is made of win :D

I guess it`s save to say these two shows will be my main focus next year.

But for now I`m going to pull the focus back to 2014. If you like to know hat I`ve done in 2014, feel free to continue.


My end of the year vidding meme can be found here: @Kahesha`s_Vids ... CLICK CLICK


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