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Show is going to be back on air with season3, soon, so I thought it`s about time for another "The Glades" entry ;D

Recently I`ve signed up for a 20 in 20 icon challenge (and YES, I know I`m on the clock with a new Supernatural video. More than half of it is done, plan is to finish the vid until Monday, this gives me some time to find, and correct, possible mistakes. Meaning: I`ll make it in time, ha) challenge theme is: favorite tv character.

My first choice was Jim Longworth, "The Glades" season 2, my 2nd choice Raylan Givens "Justified" season 2. At the end I got my first choice.

(now, if you go "HUH?", Dean Winchester already had been claimed. Maybe I would have been able to pick a different season for Dean, but I went with a completely different show instead. AND, there are not enough "The Glades" icons anyway)

My goal (at least one of them) for 2012 is to get more into making icons, this challenge is the next step towards doing so.

This entry is me, playing with "The Glades" caps and icons. While on it I`ve added some animations also


The icons, and animations, can be found here

(ani size 450x253 & 250x141 & 160x90)



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