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This entry is done for selenic76`s February Fandom Fest@livejournal

I choose to celebrate one of my all time favorite characters, our very own

NCIS Very Special Agent

Beware, the entry got waaaaay out of hand. I tried to keep it short, but failed.

I`m pretty sure this is the longest mixed media entry I have ever done.

If you know me and what I do, you know I tend to go way beyond the finish line on any given day, so me saying this entry is HUGE means it`s HUGE!

And no, I`m not sorry about it.

It includes graphics, videos, and a lot of rambling from yours truely

One more thing: If you are going to tell me what an awful guy Tony is, that you can`t stand him and prefer him to get lost you better stop reading now and leave.

This entry is my take on the character, my POV


Last but not least, a new video I`ve done. This is my first Tony centric NCIS video, and since it fits the theme of the entry, I`m going to add it.

Program Used: Corel Videostudio ProX3

Title: Sacrifice
Lenght: 2.50 min.
File: 21+ MB WMV
Music: "Sacrifice" by Theory Of A Deadman

Character: Tony DiNozzo
Category: character, drama, action

LINK: Kahesha`s_Vids@Dreamwidth


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