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This is my (personal & crazy) episode entry for 12.1 "Twenty Klicks". It`s not meant to be a recap, it`s just me, having fun with NCIS, svala style. D

Most of all, it`s done for my own entertainment.


- includes random, crazy and useless comments from yours truely.

- includes a LOT of Tony & Gibbs

- I`m no TIVA fan, never was, never will be. If your looking for something TIVA, please do yourself, and me, a favor and go looking for it someplace else

- Tony is the center of my NCIS universe, and Tony you`ll get (and Gibbs)

NCIS is back! and since this is the first episode of season 12, I`ve added some of the live tweets & stuff

How is one surposed to watch the episode when one gets this live via twitter?

twitter fun `n more... click )


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