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This is my photo ops (in motion) with Ben Browder and Claudia Black at FedCon22.

And I`m putting it up at the comm just because I wanna look at it whenever I want to, like, all the time :D

 photo Ani_BEN_450_zps0e4aabf5.gif

And this

 photo AniBen_John_Kiss_zps2f1d049c.gif

is a slash fiction come true

 photo g045.gif

John Barrowman and Ben Browder

 photo coldshower.gif

INFO: I`d appreciate if you`d NOT repost these anis, thank you!

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These are a few of my pictures of Ben Browder@FedCon 2013, May 9th - May 12th.

 photo Preview_zpsbd19675b.jpg

I have just a few pictures (we`ve been sitting in the baaaack, and up), I`m gonna post some of the better ones as soon as I`ve got them done.


I didnĀ“t take pictures during the closing ceremony, so I don`t have pictures of

BEN BROWDER KISSING JOHN BARROWMAN, ON STAGE ... *turns into puddle of self*

John started it by *pretending* to kiss Ben, after he started to turn and go, Ben pulled him in, and kissed him for real, smack on the lips. Then, John *fainted*, and had to be revived by Eve Myles



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