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entry is done for the TAG CHALLENGE @ HOODIE_TIME

I`ve received three tags, at the end I ran with "hospitalization"
The other two tags have been "hell/post hell issues" and "crying!Dean", both themes/scenes which I`ve used in a lot of my videos already. Still, I`ve decided to get something done for the two left behind tags also, but for now I`ve *only* worked with the "hospitalization" tag for the challenge.

I`ve decided to focus on three major scenes, from "Faith", "In My Time Of Dying" and "On The Head Of A Pin"

I have something done from "Sam, Interrupted" also, but while putting this entry together I`ve decided to skip this part, and save it for a "Sam, Interrupted" episode entry.

What I`ve done at the end is not meant to be some kind of meta for these episodes, it`s not meant to explain everything behind these episodes. I used it to create something for me to drool over ahem, to look at inbetween


(it`s a mix of screencaps and anis)



last: this is the first time I signed up for a tag challenge, the first time I`ve done something for HOODIE_TIME (btw, this comm, is my happy place!).

As I`ve mentioned in some previous entries already, I don`t do pic spams on a regular base. But still, be sure I`ve tried my best to come up with something decent.

I hope some are able to enjoy what I came up with at the end, I had a lot of fun while working on my entry (although some of the anis didn`t play along. I`ve tried my best, but at the end I haven´t been able to make some play along as I wanted them to play *duh*, sorry for the mess)

credit for the screencaps goes to [personal profile] geckoholic , everything animations is mine.


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