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This is my 1st entry at OverTheHills in 2015. And I continue doing what I did in 2014 already, and that is to spam the comm with H5-0 anis.

This is Steve McGarrett in action, season 3

Run ... Jump ... TACKLEHUG ... tehe

 photo Ani5_500_3.12_zpsgtrm9kj9.gif

episodes (in order)

- 3.4 Popilikia
- 3.9 Ha'awe Make Loa
- 3.10 Huaka'i Kula

- 3.12 Kapu

- 3.18 Na Ki’i
- 3.19 Hoa Pili
- 3.20 Olelo Pa'a

My personal favorite is 3.9 Ha'awe Make Loa

not only because of the action, the entiere scene is hilarious


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