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I haven`t done anything new for sometime. I`m working on a new NCIS vid, but this will take a few more weeks until it`ll be online.
That`s why I`ve decided to share a few of my tumblr graphics (instead of posting a huge piece of, nothing)

This is a wild mix of everything, movies and tv shows, animations and stills.

The Vampire Diaries
 photo TVD_TheDance_1text_zps4c7fa56c.jpg
 photo TVD_THEDANCE_2_500x500_zps03c24d14.png

 photo NCISTony625Title_zpsb7dabeb5.png
 photo NCISTony625_zpsbe27afe0.png

Hansel&Gretel: Witch Hunters (movie) )

Borealis (tv) )

Act Of Valor (movie) )

Supernatural (tv) )

btw, does anyone have an idea why the (oh so awesome, NOT, I hate it already) new photobucket setting seems to randomly change the size of the graphics? ... *glares at just posted, but not display the uploaded size, graphics*


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