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These are (a few) icons for Longmire, The Glades and Boston Legal

Caps used are from Longmire season 2, The Glades season 4 and Boston Legal season 4


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This is a coloring tutorial for my previously postes Boston Legal Animations

animations ... click

I`ve used the same coloring for all anis, it seems to work really well for Boston Legal.
No idea if it`ll work for other shows/movies as well. Maybe if you play with the setting/layer


 photo BA10015Tutorial3original_zpse526caeb.jpg

 photo BA10015Tutorial2_zps5893b2c4.jpg
(svala style)

YES, I know, but I could NOT resist using this picture ;D

done with Corel`s PaintShopPro9


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More Boston Legal, season 4

 photo Ani_450_Denny_Carl_zps0969b920.gif

 photo Ani1_450_Alan_Fall_zps91fee240.gif

 photo Ani1_450_Tongue_zps0fae5196.gif

Sidebar size (250x141 & 160x90) can be found here


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I`m currently rewatching all of Boston Legal. This show, cracks me up, it`s made of awesome ;D

Me, watching Boston Legal, means: graphics

Episode 4.3 "The Chicken And The Leg"

Denny: So, how’s working with Lorraine?

Alan: Well, for the most part I’m fine. I mean she’s just another lawyer. She carries a briefcase, she has
a…. a neck, long tapered legs.

Denny: Chiclets.

Alan: I beg your pardon?

Denny: An old trick my mother taught me, chewing Chiclets tempers sexual arousal.

Alan: The gum?

Denny: I chewed it all the way through law school, it’s the only thing
that got me through.

Alan: Don’t be ridiculous.

Denny: Hey...

Alan: Fine. I don’t even need them.

Denny: She’s just another lawyer.

Alan: That’s right. Chiclets.

Denny: Chiclets.

 photo Ani1_450_Alan_Denny1_zpse87296d9.gif

Denny: The more she gets to you, the harder
you chew.

 photo Ani1_450_Alan_Gum_zps199132d0.gif

More of the same, aka, sidebar size animations, can be found here (animation size 250x141 & 160x90)



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