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These are animations for Tony&Gibbs, aka Tibbs, aka what was lost *sadface*

This is a season 4 scene *love*

 photo Ani1_4.17_500_zps1flpxk4j.gif

 photo Ani2_4.17_500_zpsgtqvqbzj.gif


 photo Ani3_4.17_500_zpssybtqqm7.gif

but it gets better

... wait for it ...

 photo Ani4_4.17_500_zpse0m55zvc.gif

... BOOM ...

...  photo drool_zpsnwp4ew0a.gif ...

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This is my entry for the 2016 NCIS ReverseBang.

I have to post it early because I`m away from home on my assigned posting day (which is May 14th)I`ll be back on May 17th

This is the wallpaper I`ve done for the art preview/claim

*right click on image, open, for full size*

This is the story banner (based on the wallpaper)

Title: Memories
Author: Jilly James
Fandom: NCIS

Pairing(s): Anthony DiNozzo/Jethro Gibbs
Content Rating: NC-17/Explicit for language, warnings, and sexual situations (Rating may change to PG-13)

Warnings: Threat of torture, character bashing (depending upon your interpretation of the character)
Spoilers: Up through season 4 of NCIS and some mentions of information in seasons 5 and 7

Beta: Naelany

Author Note: Written for the NCIS Reverse Bang, and inspired by the art created by kj_svala. I’ve changed some biographical information for Tony and his schooling. Also, canon more or less says that Tony always lived in the same apartment for 12 years. I’m going with a different approach.
Author Note 2: This story and De Novo were conceived out of the same brainstorming session. Too many ideas for one story, and many ideas that were in complete conflict. But there are some similar themes.

Summary: Gibbs is asked to return to NCIS after Tony uncovers some disturbing things about his team, and Director Shepard.
Word Count: ~25k

STORY LINK: I`ll add the link as soon as I have internet access

This is an additional piece of art I`ve done after reading the story. I`ve used text messages sent between Gibbs and Tony.

I wish I would have been able to get a video trailer done for the story. But, no vidding computer kept me from doing one. Now I have a new computer, but I ran out of time.

I`d like to say THANK YOU! to Jilly James *sends flowers*

The story is made of awesome, it`s just what I love to read. The characters work really well, I wish I would go on forever :D

I never imagined a story like this when I did the original graphic *happy sigh*

*straight into my favorite folder it goes*

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These are a few NCIS animations from 1.22 "A Weak Link"

While thinking about some TIBBS scenes, I remembered this one. It is for sure one of my, if not the, favorite TIBBS moment of all moments :D

(I had the ani caps sitting in my *to do* folder since, forever, I finaly got around to put it all together)

*cue random bullpen case talk*

Gibbs is sitting on Tony`s desk

remember this !!!


*happy sigh*

and then

Gibbs stands up and walks back to his own desk

and Tony?

he`s doing this

sneaky Tony`s touching the spot Gibbs` been sitting at just moments before

*insert heart*

that`s subtext delivered with a 2x4 *lol*

It`s a short scene, only 26 frames, it took me a gazilion of rewatches of the ep to finaly see it. Since I saw it, I can`t make it unseen :D

No idea why Tony (Michael) did what he did, but who cares

random add: the scene also includes a blooper aka continuity error. In the overhead shot we can see Tony (Michael) touching his head, the next cut is a close up of Tony (Michael) and his hands are nowhere near his head, he`s also not slouching in his chair anymore.

details, details, who cares about details ... ME! ... *snort*

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These icons are done for rd.74 at character20n20@Livejournal

I choose Tony DiNozzo / NCIS




The entry is also posted to OverTheHills@Livejournal

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This is part 2 / 2 of my (made for my own entertainment and not meant to be serious) recap for

 photo ANI_INTRO_prt.2_zpsmpczpxrr.gif

(prt.1 can be found here: @OverTheHills)


And I mean it! it`s huge! don`t say I didn`t warn you


Entry is also posted to livejournal: @OverTheHills

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This my very own, personal, Svala style, re-cap of NCIS 13.1 "Stop The Bleeding"

And with "personal" I mean it`ll be heavily focused on Tony (and Gibbs) and NOT meant to be an official re-cap of the ep, there are more than enough of those around.

for example:

- Douglas Wolfe Click Click

- NCIS Round Table Click Click

These are my favorite NCIS reviews, each week, each season *love*

I simply pick scenes and moments I like, or didn`t like, add some random rambling = done

This is a 2 part entry because it grew into a monster *eek*

New S.13 Credits

 photo Ani1_credits1_zps4lhketrt.gif

 photo Ani10_credits10complete_zpsfyxk0ntp.gif

I can`t believe they`ve added the awfull "The Artfull Dodger" *blue steel* Tim pulled to the credits

 photo shocked-eyes-smiley-emoticon_zps3sxzkn0g.gif

I very much prefer this version of blue steel, thank you

 photo tumblr_m8dtq11CLg1qf3myqo1_500_zpssiwr2ibo.gif
(Dean animation done by an unknown user at tumblr)

and while on it, why do Pauley & Sean get one more scene in the credits then all the others?

But now, enough with the credits talk

SEASON 13 !!!! yeah baby

 photo funny-animation-23_zpsyiimml6q.gif


Entry is also posted to livejournal: @OverTheHills

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These are a few NCIS graphics, for (the awesome that is) Tony&Gibbs. I`ve done two wallpaper also, one of them is animated.

 photo T.G.Banner 500x600_zpsgstghux2.png

Two wallpaper of the banner image, size 1024x768, one animated, can be found here


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This entry is done for selenic76`s February Fandom Fest@livejournal

I choose to celebrate one of my all time favorite characters, our very own

NCIS Very Special Agent

Beware, the entry got waaaaay out of hand. I tried to keep it short, but failed.

I`m pretty sure this is the longest mixed media entry I have ever done.

If you know me and what I do, you know I tend to go way beyond the finish line on any given day, so me saying this entry is HUGE means it`s HUGE!

And no, I`m not sorry about it.

It includes graphics, videos, and a lot of rambling from yours truely

One more thing: If you are going to tell me what an awful guy Tony is, that you can`t stand him and prefer him to get lost you better stop reading now and leave.

This entry is my take on the character, my POV


Last but not least, a new video I`ve done. This is my first Tony centric NCIS video, and since it fits the theme of the entry, I`m going to add it.

Program Used: Corel Videostudio ProX3

Title: Sacrifice
Lenght: 2.50 min.
File: 21+ MB WMV
Music: "Sacrifice" by Theory Of A Deadman

Character: Tony DiNozzo
Category: character, drama, action

LINK: Kahesha`s_Vids@Dreamwidth

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This entry is done for tibbs_yuletide@livejournal

These are banner and wallpaper, done for a story by cackymn_lj.

I`ve used the same graphic for all, some are with the title of the story, some are without.

 photo Banner_zpsafcc3181.png

Size is 500x600 & 1024x768


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This entry is done for tibbs_yuletide@livejournal

It is an episode tag for 12.9 “Grounded”

Show threw a (almost) perfect ball with the last bullpen scene, I took it and ran with it.

Almost perfect because we`ve been cheated out of Gibbs rolling around in the snow *lol* and most of all because even if we`d have seen it, it wouldn`t have been a perfect moment, because Tony would have been missing.

I took care of both problems, svala style :D


 photo banner_zps1e417af6.png

After I`ve started working on chibi!Tony & chibi!Gibbs, I thought it might be a good idea to find an explanation for why Gibbs decided to get wet for the 2nd time in one night, tehe.

This made me come up with this short story.

*insert shocked face*

YES, the none, has no talent at all, writer, aka me, decided to write a fanfiction = my very first, really short, probably makes no sense at all anyway, story.


Title: Ease The Pain

Summary: Gibbs knows how to ease Tony`s pain.

Spoiler: NCIS 12.9 “Grounded”

Pairing: Gibbs/Tony

Rating: PG13

Character: Tony DiNozzo, Gibbs

Category: Fluff, Episode Tag, Established Relationship, Hurt/Comfort

Warning: References of childhood abuse.

(I went with pre-establish canon, before show decided to rewrite histoy, with my own twist)

Disclaimer: Tony and Gibbs belong to NCIS, NCIS belongs to CBS. I just borrowed them all for some fun. I`m going to return the remains asap.

Chibi/Tony & Chibi!Gibbs are mine

THANK YOU! for the beta work goes to [personal profile] geckoholic THANK YOU for taking the time to carve this little story of mine into shape *sends flowers*


*runs and hides behind rock*

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These are animations for H5-0 episode 5.8 "Ka Hana Malu"

 photo Untitled-4_28_zpsffd6c81b.png

Animation size is 500x281

This is prt. 1 of 3, it`s focused on two action scenes. Prt.2 will be the rest of the ep, prt. 3 are going to be sidebar anis.

I`ve capped way too many scenes for one entry.

This is not meant to be an episode recap, these are just some of my favorite scenes, and some random rambling


I wanted to continue my episode entries with 5.5 "Ho'oilina".
I capped the entire episode, then I saw my caps went *poof*.
They are somewhere on my machine.
I thought, instead of recapping everything, I just start at the end.

That means my entries are going to be out of order. But since I`m behind anyway ...

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These graphics are inspired by "Feebs, Follies, and Finding Out" by cackymn_lj@livejournal


Fornell is trying to lure Gibbs to the FBI Halloween costume party. Someone from NCIS is already there...


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This is my graphic entry for the 2014 NCIS BigBang (it`s no.2 of 2).

I did it, in time.
I pulled a nightshift last night, finished what I wanted to get done at 3.30 in the morning, aka added the final touch, and completed the entry today *yaaa me*

Banner 500x300 animated

 photo baner_500x300_animated_zpszjhfdr2b.gif

Banner 500x300

 photo baner_500x300_zpsf84f63f8.png

PENCIS:When Tony Met Jethro

Written By:

Marine Gunnery Sergeant Leroy Jethro Gibbs is on assignment behind enemy lines. After taking out a terrorist group, he and his partner release the prisoners the terrorists were holding. Gibbs learns that one of the captives is an American teenager and is determined to get him back to safety. When he realizes what an asshole Tony's father is, Gibbs offers to let Tony spend the rest of the summer at his DC home once they're back in the States.

Rating NC-17

Sexual situations, Non-con, Tony is seventeen when they meet.

Link: PENCIS:When Tony Met Jethro ... CLICK


Jacie, I hope you`ll like what I`ve done *bites nails*

And, THANK YOU, for writting such a great story, and for being as awesome as you are. It`s been fun working with your story.

Entry is also posted to:

- AO3: Svala@AO3

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This is my graphic entry for the 2014 NCIS BigBang (it`s one of two).

I`ve done two different banner (size 450x300), and four 500x600 banner (two are with, two are without, the story title)

 photo banner1_450x300_zps983e69db.gif

Blink Of An Eye

Written By:

It was bound to happen one of these days.
Their jobs were too dangerous for it not to but seeing Tony lying there, in a pool of his own blood, not moving, barely breathing… that was almost more than Gibbs could bear.

Link: Blink Of An Eye@AO3


 photo banner2_450x300_zpsaf1cee1e.gif

Everything I`ve done is an *inspiered by* after reading the story.

Speaking of: THANK YOU goes to ncis_vu, for writing such an awesome piece of fanfiction *sends flowers*

After reading the summary I knew I just HAD to try to get the story for graphics. I got it *ya me* and I wasn`t dissapointed, nope.


ncis_vu, I hope you like what I`ve done for your story *bites nails*

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I`m having way too much fun with text & light effects
(this is what you get when I can`t vid *glares at broken computer), ah well ...

These are three 500x500 banner, Tony&Gibbs, or Tony/Gibbs, and two wallpaper.


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This is one scene from NCIS 9.15 "Secrets".

IMO, it`s one the few moments where we get to see the *real* Tony, one of the few moments where he`s let down the wall (s) he`s using to protect himself.

 photo Banner_zps1c2cd45e.jpg


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Animations: Dean Winchester (SPN) and Tony DiNozzo (NCIS)

my two favorite tv boys in one entry :D

scenes used are from

Supernatural 9.21 "King of the Damned"
NCIS 11.23 "The Admiral`s Daughter"

 photo Ani_BAnner_450_zps87090ba4.gif


Last but not least


Michael in London


 photo Ani1_450_closeup_zps797c8ce0.gif

 photo melting.gif

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This is some (random) fun for NCIS 11.23 "The Admiral`s Daughter"

It`s too bad we don`t get outtakes/bloopers on a regular base, I`d love to see more (on the DVD`s).

But, I found one for this episode

 photo Ani1A450_original_zpseae16d65.gif

 photo Ani2A450_outtake_zps05051efd.gif

The *outtake* was part of the trailer for the episode, the actual scene in the show was different.

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This is a quote from Michael Weatherly (including animations), he`s talking about one scene in 4.19 "Grace Period"

 photo banner_zps52c9ff29.png


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This is a, comic like, animated illustration (svala style) for "This Is War" by 30STM.

It is focused on Tony and Gibbs.


(it includes a lot of animations, var. size)

The entry is tagged as a "Love Letter"

 photo Animation24_zpsfa04676f.gif


This all started as a try to get something different done. Once started, I couldn`t stop anymore. It`s been waaaaay too much fun, not only getting the anis done, but rewatching scenes also.

What can I say: I just love to be mean with Dean *cough* Tony ... *evil grin*


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