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I`m having way too much fun with text & light effects
(this is what you get when I can`t vid *glares at broken computer), ah well ...

These are three 500x500 banner, Tony&Gibbs, or Tony/Gibbs, and two wallpaper.

Banner 500x500

these are two different versions of the same

 photo Ani1_Banner500x500_Text_LIGHTS_zpsb7086c1f.gif

 photo Ani1_Banner500x500_Text_zpsc1f2c9d2.gif

this is a new version of my previously posted FO banner ... CLICK CLICK

 photo Banner_500_Dream_Team_zps26e033fe.gif

While I was on it I made two wallpaper also

Wallpaper 1024x768

(right click on image, open, for full size)

The text I`ve used for the graphics is stolen snurched from "All Of Me" by John Legend

I know, once I have a working machine, I`m gonna try to get a Tony/Gibbs vid done using this song *happy sigh*


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