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These are animations for Tony&Gibbs, aka Tibbs, aka what was lost *sadface*

This is a season 4 scene *love*

 photo Ani1_4.17_500_zps1flpxk4j.gif

 photo Ani2_4.17_500_zpsgtqvqbzj.gif


 photo Ani3_4.17_500_zpssybtqqm7.gif

but it gets better

... wait for it ...

 photo Ani4_4.17_500_zpse0m55zvc.gif

... BOOM ...

...  photo drool_zpsnwp4ew0a.gif ...

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These are a few NCIS animations from 1.22 "A Weak Link"

While thinking about some TIBBS scenes, I remembered this one. It is for sure one of my, if not the, favorite TIBBS moment of all moments :D

(I had the ani caps sitting in my *to do* folder since, forever, I finaly got around to put it all together)

*cue random bullpen case talk*

Gibbs is sitting on Tony`s desk

remember this !!!


*happy sigh*

and then

Gibbs stands up and walks back to his own desk

and Tony?

he`s doing this

sneaky Tony`s touching the spot Gibbs` been sitting at just moments before

*insert heart*

that`s subtext delivered with a 2x4 *lol*

It`s a short scene, only 26 frames, it took me a gazilion of rewatches of the ep to finaly see it. Since I saw it, I can`t make it unseen :D

No idea why Tony (Michael) did what he did, but who cares

random add: the scene also includes a blooper aka continuity error. In the overhead shot we can see Tony (Michael) touching his head, the next cut is a close up of Tony (Michael) and his hands are nowhere near his head, he`s also not slouching in his chair anymore.

details, details, who cares about details ... ME! ... *snort*


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