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This is my graphic entry for the [community profile] stargate_summer 2011.

Info about the fiction:

TITLE: Beloved
AUTHOR: brihana25
CATEGORY: H/C, Angst, Drama, Epilogue
SEASON: One - immediately following "Hathor"
SPOILERS: "Hathor"
SUMMARY: Hathor is gone. The Earth is safe. But the victory has come with a painful price for the men of the SGC. Though Hathor no longer controls their minds, her drugs aren't letting them go without a fight. As if the physical damage she did wasn't enough, withdrawal manipulates their emotions, amplifying the most extreme. Jack and Daniel fight to to deal with their experiences at Hathor's hands, while one of them turns on the one he's sworn to protect, and the other turns on himself. But Hathor didn't leave empty-handed, and she'll stop at nothing to regain control of what she left behind.
WARNINGS: Dark themes, language, violence, torture, attempted suicide, attempted rape. Canon mind control and drugging, canon rape. We all know what happened to Daniel during "Hathor" – it should go without saying that this will deal with some incredibly sensitive issues. Bear that in mind before you read it, please.

LINK TO STORY: (I`ll add the link as soon as I got it)

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The graphics, and more, can befound here:



Programs used:
- VirtualDubMod
- PaintShopPro9
- AnimationShop3
- PhotoShop CS2


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