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These are icons for a German tv show called "Der Letzte Bulle".

This is the only not US and/or Canadian tv show I watch on a regular base, I love it

And since it`ll be back with season 4 end of January *YAAAA*
(... I saw the first season 4 trailer online = O.M.G ...)

I thought it`s about time I get something done for the show


This is a wild mix of everything (but most of it is for Mick ;D), season 3 only


This is an entry with the most icons I`ve ever posted at once, for a single show. Once started I couldn`t stop anymore

I`m pretty sure I`m talking to myself with these icons/this show. But, who cares, there`ll be more ;D
Like said, I love it *happy sigh*

I`m currently capping season 2, and I`m not done choosing caps for graphics from season 3

btw, the next entry is going to be for Supernatural (I think). I`ve been having fun at tumblr (that`s a visual overload) I got inspiered to try new things. I like what I`ve done, but I`m not sure if it`s ready to be posted to the comm, yet.

btw prt.2: some of my SPN graphics have been nominated for round 9 of the "Wicked Awards"
... OMG ...
THANK YOU to whoever made the nominations.


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