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These graphics are done for the "Appreciation Month" @ ncis_discuss

The theme for September is Gibbs, in celebration of Mark Harmon`s birthday (on Sep. 2nd)

I choose Set.13th and Sept. 27th for posting.

For my 2nd entry in September I choose scenes of Gibbs taking pictures at the crimescene. The *bossman* has picked up the cam several times during the years, these animations cover season 1 & 2
(I *think* I got `em all, but if I managed to miss a scene, please let me know and I`ll add it to the entry)

1.2 Hung Out to Dry
 photo Ani12_new_zps8d98fad3.gif

1.17 The Truth is Out There
 photo Ani117_zps39679f96.gif

okay, these two are not *gibbs taking pics* scenes, but one is him & Kate being caught on camera (thanks to Tony) and the other one is an awesome moment, that`s reason enough for me to add it :D


I took notes for season 3 & 4 already. I think I`m going to continue this theme, until I covered all moments of Gibbs taking pictures.

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Recently I`ve had some fun with NCIS, the fun time is over.
A hurt!Tony entry is in the making, and I came up with the glorious *NOT* idea to illustrate "This Is War" by 30STM, comic style, using NCIS. The focus will be on Tony & Gibbs, of course :D.

I made a *testdrive*, to figure out how to do it = result

 photo Ani1_THIS_zpseaa187e3.gif
 photo Ani2_IS_zpsba4d7659.gif
 photo Ani3_WAR_zps39df1610.gif

Like said, this is only a try, not the whole thing. It`ll take some time to get it done completely.

random add: I love the result, I think I`m gonna try to use it for SPN also. There are some shiny Dean scenes that might work.


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