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This is part 2 / 2 of my (made for my own entertainment and not meant to be serious) recap for

 photo ANI_INTRO_prt.2_zpsmpczpxrr.gif

(prt.1 can be found here: @OverTheHills)


And I mean it! it`s huge! don`t say I didn`t warn you

Some Gibbs first, then BAMF!Tony

 photo Ani_Gibbs_HURT_500_zpsaac3csnz.gif

The doc, urgh, while the character is not that bad, the neverending talking got on my nerves (beside the fact that it`s a cheap M.A.S.H. rip-off) I really wished for someone to make him stop talking ... *groans* ... preferable with a 2x4 to the head *evil grin*

Gibbs is, once again, playing his very own version of "The Ghost of Christmas Past" ... *yawn*

plus the resident!ghost sighting. I hope this is the last time we saw ghost!Mike. If not, I need to try to find Dean`s number, so he can get rid of the resident!ghost problem once and for all *hmpf*

show, please, I know you can do better (and really, a guy that`s so tied to his past and unable to leave it behind = ANGST ANGST ANGST ... should not carry a gun)

And while on it, how did they choose the pictures on the wall? Fornell, Ari, but no Kate? Seriously ???

*cue Gibbs & Kelly blah blah blah, been there, done that ... blah blah blah*

time jump to the present

A (on the outside) new and improved Gibbs is back at the office

 photo Ani8_Gibbsoffice1_500_zps2rkx8rfm.gif

and still able to sneak up on the team

 photo Ani8_Gibbsoffice2_500_zpserm24urw.gif

"Gibbs! You're back!"
 photo Ani8_Gibbsoffice3_500_zpscrcrdsye.gif

uhhh, not really, but we all know how that`s going to work out

random add: what I do NOT NOT NOT want to see and hear, ever again, is Abby`s: "Gibbs, Gibbs, Gibbs, Gibbs, Gibbs, Gibbs, Gibbs!"

 photo past_this_part_spaceballs_zpsewhobm31.gif
(credit to unknown maker)

It wasn`t funny the first time, by now it`s just pissing me off

 photo vomit_zpsivftekgx.gif

you know something`s wrong when you see Gibbs with an icepack, in public

 photo Ani8_Gibbsoffice4_500_zpsbaa9fnuu.gif

Gibbs and Tony talk on the phone, after Gibbs told Tim to put Tony on the speaker. It seems Tony wasn`t prepared to talk to Gibbs

Gibbs: "DiNozzo?"

Tony: "Rule 45-- I got it."

So, Tony STILL thinks it`s his mess.

It`s NOT, and Gibbs knows it. It would have been nice if he`d have told Tony that it`s actually HIS (Gibbs`s) mess that Tony`s trying to clean up. Not that Tony would believe him, but still ... Maybe we`ll get it later. But I doubt we will. Gibbs telling Tony that Tony`s been cleaning up Gibbs` mess would mean Gibbs admiting he screwed up, yeah, noooo chance ...

 photo Ani8_Gibbsoffice5_500_zpsme3hvwnp.gif

Gibbs: "Taking a walk."

 photo Ani8_Gibbsoffice6_500_zpsjzxlr9uf.gif

and *poof* goes the desk duty

 photo Ani9_GibbsJail1_zpsfufcx7bv.gif

 photo Ani9_GibbsJail2_zpsscvysta6.gif

(is that Dorney`s pen ???)

 photo Ani9_GibbsJail3_zpsigb4dmjc.gif

Vance: "Apparently your walk included a visit with Matthew Rousseau. Would you mind telling me why?"

Gibbs: "Just following up."

Vance: "With your pen stuck in his hand?"

Gibbs: "Is that where I left it?"



 photo Bild5_zps7s26pwmw.png


Before I continue, can we plase take a moment and acknowledege the fact that


(okay, he`s still learning, but, but, but ...  photo thumbphp4.gif)


CIA!Mimi: "Rule 45"-- what's that?"

Tony: "Clean up your own mess"

CIA!Mimi: "It's not all yours, Tony."

dear Joanna, please stop wasting your energy trying to convince Tony it`s not his mess, he´s never going to believe you *sigh*

 photo 13.1 191396_zpspr78b7zb.jpg

Remember when I said to keep in mind that Daniel called Tony right before Gibbs was shot? well, the game`s not over, yet

 photo Ani10_Tony1_500_zpsoci56mp1.gif

Daniel: "Do you know what they used to call this town, Agent DiNozzo? Paris of the Orient. But it's nothing like Paris, is it? Hell, not even Paris is like Paris anymore. World's getting smaller."

Tony: "Like the distance between us? How's our connection, Daniel-- can you hear me okay?"

Daniel: "Why? Am I breaking up?"

Tony: "No, but you will be, into little pieces, as soon as I find you.

Daniel: "Unless you end up like your boss. Lot of mileage on that man. But he's got stamina. The question is, Tony... do you?"

Tony "Guess we'll find out."

 photo garfield_popcorn_zpsnrqltdwf.gif
(credit to unknown maker)

Yong: Surveillance crew's ready to go, but they'll be a while."

Tony: "What is with all the delays?"

CIA!Mimi: We're CIA, Tony. If we can't be stealthy about it, we don't go."

Tony: "Well, I'm not CIA and I'm done waiting. So, let's go."

*cheers: Go Tony! Go Tony! Go Tony!*
 photo funnyanimal213_zpsodbjsgf3.gif
(credit to unknown maker)

Tony: "It's live. Warm and toasty." ... sneaky

 photo Ani10_Tony2_500_zps9ru4a3tm.gif

 photo Ani10_Tony3_500_zpsjpvdgwrk.gif


 photo Ani10_Tony4_500_zpsqsoyrj13.gif

 photo Ani10_Tony5_500_zpsykyhs3nx.gif

 photo melting.gif



Gibbs and Luke meet the first time since the shooting, via video call

*awwwww Gibbs*



Tony calls Daniel (and speaks Mandarin again :D)

Daniel: "English, please. You know I don't speak Chinese."

Tony: "It's Mandarin, Danny boy. It's what they speak in that Paris of the Orient."

Daniel: "Come to make the day more exciting, have you?"

Tony: "Oh, yeah."

 photo Ani11_Tony.Daniel1_500_zpsaluqgpk2.gif

Tony: "Shooting you in the chest at close range, then a little dim sum-- perfect day.

 photo Ani11_Tony.Daniel2_500_zpsbmbakhjj.gif

and of course the bad guy thought he got away ... but he didn`t

Tony: "Hands where I can see them"

 photo Ani11_Tony.Daniel5_500_zpsg648ljms.gif

Daniel: "What about the hands you don't see, Agent DiNozzo? I've got them all over the world."

Tony: "Do you? Well, I'm only interested in these two."

Daniel: "You think you've won. But manipulating your legal system will be child's play for a man of my talent. And I know children who can..."

Tony: "Was that a threat? Sounded like a threat. I had to defend myself."

Daniel: "How did that feel, Tony? Did you enjoy the rush? The power?"

Tony: "You're not a Bond villain, Daniel. You're a fraud. And frauds don't get to speechify like Bond villains. They do get to die like them."

 photo Ani11_Tony.Daniel8_500_zpsgvuuic0q.gif

 photo Ani11_Tony.Daniel9_500_zpswdhxxwin.gif

 photo Ani11_Tony.Daniel10_500_zpswub7wtrr.gif

It *seems* to be over, but I`m pretty sure it`s not. I think what Tony did, had to do, is going to haunt him. At least Tony took the *half* legal road when he took down Daniel.

(and really, if I think about the main reason why Tony felt the need to hunt and shoot Daniel, it`s because Gibbs trusted a boy when pretty much everyone told him NOT to trust the boy. IF Gibbs would have done like everyone told him, and that is to NOT trust the boy, he might not have been shot by said boy, or at all. And if Gibbs would not have been shot, Tony wouldn`t have done what he did. But I`m pretty sure Gibbs is going to find a way to *blame* Tony for doing what he, Tony, did)


speaking of it`s over ... it`s not

the final scene in the bullpen set the stage for what`s to come.

but first: goodbye CIA!Mimi, I hope we`ll see you again !!!

 photo Ani12_Tony.Joanna_500_zpskju2kzbl.gif

Tony: "So, everything's back to normal, right? I guess that's all... cleared up. Well, you know, I mean..."

Tony: "Do we need to talk, boss?"

Gibbs: "What would you like to talk about, DiNozzo?"

 photo Ani13_Tony.Gibbs5_500_zpsbeg0bnzr.gif

... ????????????? ... indeed

awesome Gibbs, just awesome. You get cozy&smilie with McGee&Bishop, but leave Tony hanging out to dry, well done *claps* you do know that all Tony did was to clean up YOUR mess, do you?

"Stop The Bleeding" was a great (not awesome, because show can do better!) start into the new season, the main reasons why I like it are CIA!Mimi and BAMF!Tony !!!

I can`t wait for the next episode

And with this my neverending entry comes to an end.

To everyone who`s made it this far: THANK YOU !!! you`re awesome !!!

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