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This entry is done for tibbs_yuletide@livejournal

These are banner and wallpaper, done for a story by cackymn_lj.

I`ve used the same graphic for all, some are with the title of the story, some are without.

 photo Banner_zpsafcc3181.png

Size is 500x600 & 1024x768

I`ve done the graphics before I read the story. After reading it I decided to leave it as it is.

With Title

Banner 500x600

 photo Gibbs_Tony_500x600_TITLE_zps36b9ba40.png

Wallpaper 1024x768

*right click on image, open, for full size*

Without Title

Banner 500x600

 photo Gibbs_Tony_500x600_zps968f2b05.png

 photo Gibbs_Tony_500x600_BlackWhite_zps1c216c55.png

Wallpaper 1024x768

*right click on image, open, for full size*

My dear cackymn_lj, I hope you like these. Thank you for giving me a sneak peak of the story. I LOVE it, and can`t wait to see it online !!!

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