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This is my entry for the 2013 NCIS BigBang.

I`ve done a few graphics, banner, icons, cover, a wallpaper.

The story is "Wake-Up Call" by rose_malmaison

Banner 450x200
 photo banner_zps5ca42e67.png

"Wake-Up Call" by rose_malmaison

LINK: I`m going to add a link as soon as I got one

Summary: Just back from being an Agent Afloat, Tony finds Gibbs is surly, Vance is eying him like he wants to send him back to sea, and Jimmy Palmer is offering him refuge.
When Tony partners with Balboa, he is hurt in a scuffle. Not wanting to rock the boat, he tries to hide his injury. Of course that doesn't last long.

Takes place right after Agent Afloat.


Adult rated.


Cover 768x1024

*right click on image, open, for full size*


1. Direct Link CLICK CLICK
2. Direct Link CLICK CLICK

Cover no.1 is the one I did first. Then I wanted to add some lights. No. 2 is what I got. Then, I couldn´t choose the cover for the story, that`s why I`ve added both versions.

Banner 500x600

 photo tony2_zps41a51bb0.png

 photo gibbs2_zpsf5852b17.png

These are two tumblr sized banner, one for Tony, one for Gibbs. I only wanted to get one for Tony done, at the end I had two :D

Wallpaper 1024x768

*right click on image, open, for full size*


This is a wallpaper for both, Tony and Gibbs. The text used is from "Another love" by Tom Odell

I want to say THANK YOU to rose_malmaison, for writing such an awesome story!

and for trusting me with this story. I didn´t read the finished version so far, rose_malmaison didn´t want to see what I`ve done upfront.

rose_malmaison, I hope you´ll like what I`ve done. Be sure, I`ve tried my best.

I can´t wait to read the finished version *bounce*

I`m sure (after reading what I got) it`s a MUST read for everyone

I also want to say THANK YOU to the team of the NCIS BigBang, for getting the 2013 BigBang on it`s way!

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Date: 2013-10-30 03:53 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] geckoholic
Looks fantastic, the first banner especially! :D You're artist got lucky. ♥


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