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These are animations for Bull, episode 1.2 "The Woman In 8D"
I gathered all the shots of NYC they used in the episode.

Before the show went on air I asked myself if they are going to use images of the city (like White Collar), they did :D

The scenes are in order as they appear in the episode

 photo 1.2_City_1_zpsxabiwzxa.gif

More can be found here

 photo 1.2_City_2A_zpsw0qlugcj.gif

 photo 1.2_City_3_zpsai9bevsb.gif

 photo 1.2_City_4_zps50dgr3cp.gif

 photo 1.2_City_5_zpssncjkk3d.gif

 photo 1.2_City_6_zps3tzzx8bc.gif

 photo 1.2_City_7_zpsi8inudoj.gif

 photo 1.2_City_8_zpsvffkfpjp.gif

 photo 1.2_City_9_zpsdj7uiygx.gif

 photo 1.2_City_10_zpstxdddbeb.gif

 photo 1.2_City_11_zpsw4juw78z.gif


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