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This is my entry for the NCIS ReverseBang 2015


Title: Charlie Potatoes

Rated: M

Pairing: Gibbs/DiNozzo

Tags: slash, first time, established relationship, m/m sex, pre-season 1, season 3, hurt/comfort, two POVs, handcuffs, on the run, fugitives

Spoilers: Season 3

Warnings: none

Chapters: 10

Words: 36,500

Story Takes Place: November, 2005 - Season 3: around 3x07 Honor Code

Flashback - takes place: November, 2003, just prior to Season 1

Synopsis: A case involving handcuffs brings back memories for Gibbs and DiNozzo, when they ended up being handcuffed and on the run together. "It was just the two of us behind enemy lines. Handcuffs were involved. Things got hairy for a while, but you know Gibbs. He took charge and I fell for him…hard. What can I say? He's Gibbs."



This is the graphic I`ve sent for the NCIS_RBB 2015

This is an additional graphic

THANK YOU to rose_malmaison for writing such a great story. I couldn´t have asked for more, you`re awesome!

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