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This is my entry for the 2014 Supernatural Reverse_Bang.

Title: To Suffer and be Strong
Author: winchesterpooja

LINK: I`ll add the link as soon as I got it

Fandom/Genre: SPN, hurt/comfort, angst, case!fic, gen
Characters: Sam, Dean
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~21k

Warnings: swearing, violence, gore

Summary: A run-of-the-mill job turns out to be much more complicated when Sam and Dean find themselves in a fight that is more than just physical to them.

This is the graphic I`ve sent

This is the 1st time I`ve signed up for the SPN_Reverse_Bang, and I`m more than happy that winchesterpooja choose my graphic.

I take the chance to say THANK YOU! to winchesterpooja who wrote an awesome story based on the graphic. It`s amazing to see what she came up with. I`m a happy camper :D

I love each and every word of the story! I`m sure everyone who`s going to read it will love it as much as I do.

entry is also posted to

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Comm info: I`ve added a reversebang tag because I have two more RB`s coming up, for NCIS


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