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This is my art entry for the 2016 SPN_J2_BigBang

The story I choose is "Boy King Of A Lot Of Things" by dridri93


AU after 11x16.

Dean goes to the Empty, but is resurrected by Amara to become her Consort, the greater part of his soul locked away in his own body. Meanwhile, Sam lives and learns from Crowley that he’s been the immortal Boy King of Hell since he was “endorsed” by Lucifer’s knife five years ago (Earth time). He goes on a quest to separate Dean from Amara’s influence, growing into his still-increasing powers as he goes. It all ends with the battle, God vs. the Darkness, Order vs. Chaos, and Sam and Dean are right in the thick of it, along with Castiel, alone in his vessel after Sam evicted Lucifer with his powers, and Lucifer, in a different vessel, trying to make his Father proud by fighting with him.

Warnings: Language, canon-typical blood & gore, nonexplicit non-con (Dean/Amara relationship w/ all the issues it has)

LINK:coming soon

Banner 500x219

 photo Banner_500x219_zpsdaued0ns.gif

Animated Banner 500x500

 photo Ani1_Banner_500x500_zpszjpnn0m6.gif


 photo takeawalk 24_zpsvotpxsex.png  photo 8_zpsj7zefa3m.jpg  photo takeawalk 24b.w_zpsff4dfbjv.png

Video Trailer: Immediate Music "With Great Power"


THANK YOU goes to dridri93, for writing such a great story. It`s really inspiering! I love it!

random add: this is my first SPN_J2_BigBang since 2011 (I`ve played with NCIS) I`m glad I`ve signed up again, I`ve missed the SPN BigBang fun :D

random add prt.2: for more then one year I was without a computer. I got my new machine just in time for the BigBang, that`s why I was able to add a video trailer *I`ve missed vidding*

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